Rent – Lease a Llama

We have Llamas for lease!

Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Experienced packers:  Rama, Windstar, Casper, Lakshman, Jiva, Tangerine 2, Windy and Jagganatha.

Rates are $100/day, $200/week — includes two llamas and packs.
  • We will deliver and pick up from the trailhead for a fee. It will, however, be much, much less expensive to acquire a horse trailer, van with seats taken out, or SUV to transport the animals.
  • We do not allow our llamas to be transported in any open trailers or pick ups. We have a  two horse (3 llama) trailer to rent as well as a larger trailer which can hold 7 llamas. Rates to rent the trailers depend on the distance to trailhead. Recommend a minimum 2′ inch or greater ball.
  • You may need an electrical adapter for the plug to have running lights at night.
  • When reserving llamas we require a 50 % deposit on the llama rental fee. This is non refundable, but should you have to postphone, the credit will be good for a year .